60 Wounded Donetsk civilians in just one hospital after heavy shelling by Ukrainian army


June 3, 2015

RIA Novosti Ukraine

Translated by Kristina Rus

The director of the national trauma center, Alexander Oprishenko reported that five people are in critical condition. 

As a result of shelling on Wednesday, 60 Donetsk civilians were wounded, said the director of the national trauma center, Alexander Oprishenko. “About 60 people were admitted with injuries to our hospital, and it’s just OUR hospital”, — Oprishenko was quoted by Donetsk News Agency. 

The doctor said, five people are now in critical condition. “There are wounded with varying degrees of severity, with no hands and no legs. Many are now in surgery,” – said the director. 

According to the head of hospital, the hospital has all the necessary supplies. “The blood bank did not refuse our requests” — he added. 

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