All the Murdered People: This is what the US is doing in Ukraine [video]


May 31st, 2015 –

Essence of Time (EoT) * “DPR TV” –

– Joaquin Flores

Gorlovka – “Texas” is an American volunteer fighting for the DPR.  In the wake of shelling in the last few days of Gorlovka, we see further, almost real time, evidence of the Kiev Junta’s continual violation of the Minsk II ceasefire agreement, and the willful shelling of civilian areas.

In his forceful, eloquent, but plainly spoken plea, he puts some hard and serious questions directly to American audiences.  These are ones that Americans must think about.  

“All the people that have died, all the homes that have been destroyed like this, are only because this war was started by the United States government, your government.”

“What kind of people spend billions of dollars to destroy innocent people’s homes, to murder children? To murder families, in the morning, while they’re sitting down to breakfast.  What kind of people do this?”

“What kind of person are you? You see this video, you know what’s the truth. You’re in America, you vote for Obama, you vote for Bush, you vote for Hillary Clinton. What kind of person are you to do that?  This is your responsibility.” 

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