America overestimates its defense advantage

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June 1, 2015

Officers of Russia Official Site

Translated by Kristina Rus


The experts of “Business Insider” magazine, referring to analytical data of “Global Firepower”, created a rating of the strongest armies in the world. The list contains 126 countries. The last on the list is Somalia, and the first one – the US. The second place is occupied by the Russian army, surpassing China, India, the UK, France, South Korea, Germany, Japan and Turkey. Ukraine, for example, occupies the 25th place.

According to experts, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the US is number one in the ranking. Washington spends $577 billion on defense yearly, almost four times more than China, and about 10 times more than Russia.

At the same time, notes “Business Insider”, Russia has a huge military capability. Second place in the ranking is due to a huge number of tanks – more than 15 thousand, which is almost double of the US and also the strength of the Navy. In addition, the publication stressed, Russia takes the 4th place in the world in number of troops.

Deputy Chairman of the National organization of veterans of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, member of Presidium of “OFFICERS of RUSSIA,” Nikolay Royanov is skeptical about the ranking of “Business Insider”:

“I would advise these experts to take reference books and look at the territory of the countries, the length of the border, population numbers and other indicators that characterize a country’s defense capability. If you add up all these figures, I think, China will be in the first place. You cannot underestimate this country, because after the war none of the opponents have tested the defenses of China.

But the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the US are about equal in combat potential. I am basing this on the existence of strategic nuclear forces, land, sea and aerospace contingents, as well as special forces, which are able to perform any tasks on the territory of any state. But to single out one for first or second place is a mistake, and especially counting the military equipment. For example, the new Russian tank “Armata” is able to stand up to four American tanks. I think we have about the same ability to defend ourselves,” – said Royanov.

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