Translated by Alya Rea (from the original:

June 15, 2015

Mr. President of the Donetsk
People’s Republic,

For many months, in the
ranks of your armed forces there are
fighting foreign volunteers who came from Western
countries to take part in the military protection of your people who became victims of an unthinkable aggression bordering the genocide, as well as to
express political solidarity of the
European peoples in the face of the New World
Order hegemony.

It should also be noted that the French
volunteers left their hearths and their prior lives at the risk of the inability
to return to their homes due to the fact that the current Western governments
are at the service of the aggressive policy of the United States. Quite
deliberately, we took
the risks associated with our participation in the Donbass events, because whereas
France is our Motherland, the land of our ancestors, the Europe is our homeland
– our common civilized
mother that raised various peoples who shaped the history of the Old Continent.

We came here neither for a salary nor in
pursuit of whatever honors – we
have just answered to the calls of our hearts and followed the duty of European
consciousness, for the simple reason that the blow of history that befell Ukraine
in 2013 affects
all the European nations which the globalist system attempts to divide in its
new worldwide war against Russia.

in military units at
the front or in Donetsk hospitals, despite the deliberately chosen complexity
of their situation, the French volunteers are willing to follow your orders for
the protection and liberation of Donbass from the dictatorship of Kiev. We
are proud of such an opportunity to take part in defending your sacred land and
your unbending people who do not accept the enslavement of the modern world.

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We are also taking part in the battle on
the informational front, and, no matter how modest it may be, we are
trying to convey information about the geopolitical nature of the new European
war to our enslaved fellow citizens, who have forgotten about the fundamental
right of peoples to self-determination.

in order that we could
further participate in the awakening of the consciousness of the Westerners
and gradually involve them in the struggle against the New World Order, side by
side with our Russian brothers, more than anything we need the recognition of
the Donetsk People’s Republic authorities.

Therefore, we ask you, Mr. President Zakharchenko, to honor us by allowing us to take the sacred oath of allegiance to the Donetsk Republic and,
in its face, to civilized values that have always united the peoples of Europe. This recognition
of our commitment to the liberation
of Donbass will give us official status
in the ranks of its defenders, will bring us additional opportunities in ending the war which
NATO unleashed against the Russian world through
its Ukrainian flunkeys,
and will allow us to better serve
your country.

We, the
French volunteers, while being under your command and following your orders for
the past 6 months, hope for a
positive response from the authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic to our request for legal recognition.

If you need any
additional information, we will be happy to provide it to you in any convenient form.

Mr. President Zakharchenko, please accept our assurances in our profound

Erwan Castel

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