Analyst: Nalivaychenko will head the Ukrainian Euro-ISIS on the basis of former Nazi battalions


June 18, 2015

TV Zvezda

Translated by Kristina Rus

Dismissed from the post of the head of Security Service of Ukraine, Valentyn Nalivaychenko can become the coordinator of the armed neo-Nazi underground from among organizations previously secretly overseen by the secret service. This was stated by the political analyst Simon Uralov:

“Peter Poroshenko removed from power one of the founders of the deranged racist battalions – a U.S. citizen, Nalivaychenko. Thus Poroshenko is trying to solve the issue of power. At the same time a strike of the battalions began. “Tornado” was the first one out. Next will be the “Right Sector” and other “Azov’s”. However, Poroshenko will not be able to solve the issue of power – there is no trust of the masses, nor a party of the like-minded, or ideology. Therefore an attempt to disarm the battalions will fail — they’ll just withdraw from Donbass and go deep into the former Ukraine. And on their basis a Euro-ISIS will be formed  — a mass of psycho-killers with racist views. And this process will be coordinated by the same U.S. citizen – Nalivaychenko. For this he doesn’t even have to be on the territory of former Ukraine”, — gave his forecast analyst Uralov.

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