BBC & CNN Caught Lying Again: Russiam FM accuses EU of Political Bias [video]


June 2nd, 2015

Press TV

Western media outlets such as the BBC and CNN ran headlines from an alternate universe wherein Russia expanded their no-entry ‘blacklist’ for no apparent reason.  Fort Russ’ own Joaquin Flores explains on Press TV how the Russian foreign ministry had made it quite clear for some time leading up to this, that the EU’s expansion of its own no-entry list aimed at Russian nationals would result in a mirrored action.  EU media and official spokespeople ‘played dumb’ and ‘demanding a legal framework’ or explanation for Russia’s move.  

But, Russia had already done so – this falls under the practice of the principle of reciprocity.  A generation ago, such an obvious twisting of truth by western media and EU officials would have been almost shocking to news watchers, but yesterday’s bizarre accusation from the EU has now become standard.  Flores goes on to also detail how the EU had even asked for a copy of the no entry list in advance, and Russia provided it under the impression that this was to mitigate any possible problems with future surprises for individuals, or implementation.  Apparently, the EU wanted this list for political purposes, to ‘get ahead of the curve’ of the announcement in order to claim the very opposite – that this was a ‘surprise’. 

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