Beautiful Donetsk Before the War [video]


June 9th, 2015

This was a 3 minute short made to attract Russian tourism to Donetsk, highlighting many of the city’s features, most of which have since been destroyed by the US backed Kiev Junta. 

It is difficult for those of us closely following these events not to be moved by this.  We can see imagery of children and play, young couples in love taking a walk, architecture, the arts, civil society, culture. 

Thousands of these innocents murdered and over a million people having been ethnically cleansed by the US, with about a half million internally displaced, and another half million having moved to Russia. 

For those interested, the beautiful song used is called ‘The Little Prince

Here is the original:

Elena Kamburova – The Little Prince (1970)
Remember the good!

Composer; Mikael Tariverdiev; verses Nicholas Dobronravova

Video from the TV musical film “Monologue”, aired Central Television of the USSR in 1970

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