BREAKING: Maryinka captured, NAF advancing on Krasnogorovka and Kurakhovo (Live updates)


June 3, 2015

Kristina Rus 


Donetsk hospital, which received about 90 wounded by now is being evacuated due to shelling. The hospital has no power – said the chief doctor Igor Rutchenko to the Donetsk News Agency.



Ukrainian General staff officially confirmed a violation of Minsk agreement and returned heavy artillery to the frontline [which they unofficially kept there and used regardless – KR].


Cassad: The junta vacated other positions near Maryinka due to heavy fire. Some fighting continues on the edges of town. Ukrainian reserves are coming from Kurakhovo. UAF is using artillery near Krasnogorovka. As of 7 pm local time, official NAF losses: 14 killed, 4 civillians killed, 60 wounded civilians in Donetsk. Junta declared one killed. In fact losses could be in the dozens, both sides are asking for blood donations. Clashes are very heavy. As of 7 pm NAF keeps pushing, and the enemy is on defense.


Yursumy: UAF losses will be very heavy, because the junta will keep uselessly throwing more people in a desperate attempt to recapture lost ground. 


Cassad: According to unconfirmed data, one of UAF columns coming to aid in Maryinka, has been hit by NAF artillery. 20 vehicles are gone. 


Cassad: After massive shelling of Donetsk, DPR troops advanced on Maryinka in order to capture the town.

NewsFront and numerous DPR sources reported the capture of Maryinka. DPR flag was raised above the city.

Fighting continues in Maksimilyanovka and Georgievka. 

“Vostok” brigade confirmed the capture of Maryinka, reported “”. “Shakhterskaya” division of “Vostok” and international brigade  “Pyatnashki” participated in the capture. 

Militia fighter Pavel Kuhmirov reported about an advance on Krasnogorovka and Kurakhovo, according to site “Frontline updates from militia”.

Near Krasnogorovka and Gornyak two artillery batteries and an ammo warehouse were blown up.  

Tim Zlatkin (UAF fighter):

Maryinka is hell. Grads and everything heavy flying on our positions. UAF is holding defense. A lot of wounded. Situation is critical. Pulling reserves. Sorry for bad news.

Cassad: Apparently, activation on this front is related to UAF artillery in Krasnogorovka, which relentlessly shelled Donetsk. The fighting resumed as a response to shelling just as in winter 2015.


Fighting near Maryinka recorded by military correspondent of, Andre Filatov (published June 2) :

Right now this is the hottest point in DPR. UAF is 400 meters away. Fighter “Ded” [Grandpa] from international battalion “Pyatnashka” is working on Ukrainian position from AGS. 

“100 meters from us is the front line, where our guys are holding  machine gun fire”

The major is a local, he is fighting together with his 23 year old son on the front line.

Ukrainians are using AGS and artillery. Gradually explosions are getting closer to us. One strike was close to our position. 

When we heard the explosions getting closer, we sheltered in a basement. One fragment injured major “Ded” in a stomach, but he continued to hold the fire. Shells were falling a few meters from our shelter. 

“Are you alive?”

“Yes! Nice jump!”

Ukrainian side is using a drone, we can’t see it, but can hear it. As a result Ukrainian side is putting its shells very close to us.

In order to restrain the enemy, the command is given to open 82 mm mortar fire on the Ukrainian position, which is approved by the Minsk agreement, and militia uses it to open return fire. 

“We have no losses. “Ded” got a fragment in a stomach, but it didn’t stop him, he continued to coordinate the battle, but he has been called to the HQ, and he left”

While “Ded” is at a meeting at the HQ, militia man “Uzbek” heads the battle. 

It’s getting dark, the fighting continues until 2 am. Fighting continued for 10 hours, 4 militia fighters were wounded.  

Ded: “No one expected it. They started with 82 mm mortars and AGS. I was wounded in a stomach, we repulsed the first attack. Then they used heavier weapons: 120mm mortarts, 152 artillery. We stopped them with whatever we had, AGS, small arms, pushed their infantry back, crashed a BTR, BMP, artillery installation, pushed them back to their position. We don’t attack, hold defense, don’t use heavy weapons, following Minsk agreement [this was recorded yesterday, June 2 before Maryinka was taken – KR]. In response they violate the Mink agreement, use heavy artillery. Let’s say, if we had an order, we would liberate Donetsk region a long time ago. Practically every day UAF are trying to break through deep into Donetsk. This is why we are here, and give them an adequate response. Often we carry losses, because we don’t have adequate protective equipment, mostly it is acquired in battle.  Those who don’t have it get wounded. Thank you to the correspondent for the body armor. Let’s hope ukrops will surrender and realize that they came here not to their land, but our land.”


Motorola VK:

A message from military correspondents: “”During the capture of Maryinka a recon group “Ryazan” was ambushed: 6 killed, 12 wounded, two more were captured. (Information to be confirmed). Eternal memory to the fallen!”


Sparta is going to Krasnogorovka and Georgievka! Good luck, guys!!!


“Maryinka  – Russian city” 


60 Ukrainian tanks went to Maryinka. The fighting started at 4 am. Ukrops carried losses in 28th brigade and the Chechen Dudaev battalion. Ukies are shelling Petrovka and Trudovskie. In the morning (June 3), ukies started by shelling NAF near Maryinka and Krasngorovka from long range artillery near Gornyak. 

Ukrainians also shelled Debaltsevo, Donetsk, Yenakievo, Svetlodarsk.

At 23:00 on June 2 DPR shot down a Ukr. drone over Gorlovka. 

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