Color Revolution in Serbia: the role of the Twists and Turns of Political Parties in Serbia [video]


June 5th, 2015 –

Fort Russ Team exclusive 

Serbia sits in the cross-hairs of the US’s destabilization technique, popularly called the Color/Spring or Arab/Color tactic.

In Serbia this will be a little more complicated than how it has worked in other countries, because it will be a ‘self-conscious’ version, a mirrored or distorted version, which is tailored for conditions where – just 15 years ago – the prototype of the technique was applied.  

Flores first explained this hypothesis to certain Radical Party activists in 2012. 

So, how does a Color Revolution in Serbia work?  

What are the reasons for it?  

Why are many Serbian experts who support Serbian sovereignty missing this?  

For which side on the grand chessboard does Vucic and the Progressive Party work?  

How can we inoculate against such a destabilization attempt? 

What is the proper role of Seselj and the Radical Party?  

If criticism of the Vucic government is legitimate, and it is, then what are the proper and only slogans to raise?

In this 26 minute video interview, recorded in Belgrade and developed for a Serbian audience, Flores explains the roles, nature, and relationships of the Radical Party and Progressive Party in Serbia, in connection with Seselj and Vucic, and the US backed attempts to destabilize Serbia.

There are a number of complex twists and turns which he attempts to present in simplified form.

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