Commander Givi interview: “A war is coming” (video)


June 15, 2015

Graham Phillips

Translated by Kristina Rus

Graham Phillips asked Givi, the commander of Somali battalion of DPR, about the frontline situation on June 12, 2015

Phillips: What is the situation today, Givi, massive shelling?

Givi: Yes, there was massive shelling in the direction of Pervomaisk, you just witnessed what happened. Their heavy artillery is on position, they once again proved it, 152nd. They continue to work on us. They hit Kievsky prospect, I know they hit a few houses. Completely covered the town of Veseloe. Why shell peaceful civilians, is a mystery to me. Once again Ukrainian artillery proved that they are blind idiots. At the moment, we try to discover and destroy them.

Phillips: Why are the Ukrainians so bent on escalation? Where you expecting it?

Givi: Because they are @ssholes. I have never seen such bastards, as them. Even the Germans didn’t do this. To strike peaceful civilians, I think is not right.

Phillips: What will happen next?

Givi: Next will be war, and our advance, most likely, because it is impossible to endure this. Even people, who try to mediate and help us, like the Russian Federation, and Vladimir Putin said, that Donbass conflict cannot be resolved peacefully.  Then what can we say? Once again Ukrainian authorities showed they cannot take Donbass with bare hands, especially Donetsk. This blind shelling, conducted by them, once again proves their helplessness, and that not everything is right with their heads. 

Phillips: Thank you, Givi

Givi: You are welcome!


Givi (yelling on the radio): What is Khomyak seeing?

Answer: Let me find out…

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