Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine defects to Donetsk Republic


June 22, 2015

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Kristina Rus

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine joined the militia 

The Ukrainian major-general joined the side of the people and called for other officers to follow him.

A momentous event happened in Donbass, where the civil war is raging. Militia of Donetsk Republic was joined by a major general of the Armed forces of Ukraine (UAF), who until recently occupied a post of Deputy Defense Minister and chief military analyst, Alexander Kolomiets. Alexander Vyacheslavovich personally announced his decision at a press conference with Donetsk News Agency.

– I, major general of the Armed forces of Ukraine, Alexander Kolomiyets, my latest position was Deputy Defense Minister, chief analyst of the Armed forces, – said Kolomiyets.

The general said that he served in the army for 19 years and knows the region very well, as he served in Donbass in the position of the regional military commissar of Donetsk region.

– I will work for the good of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), – major-general assured the journalists and said that before making such an announcement, he was forced to take his family out of Kiev.

The general confirmed that many of his colleagues and countrymen want to switch to the side of DPR.

– Many officers of the Ukrainian army call and want to come back here. But they are afraid that there will not be allowed to. Currently there are negotiations, but I think they’ll be back here in the nearest time.

DPR officials noted that over the past year hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers and officers switched sides. Numerous cases were recorded last year near Izvarino. Entire Ukrainian battalions with weapons and equipment joined DPR.

Mostly professional soldiers, who no longer wish to serve together with criminals and Nazis, who attack civilians and commit crimes, join the service under the banner of DPR and LPR. In response, the government of Ukraine is carrying out another mobilization. If this goes on, the Ukrainian army will remain without professional military. Left without control of personnel officers, armed to the teeth recruits will either arrange a coup in the country, or turn into the gangs of Makhno [Ukrainian anarchist leader].

Here is what major general Kolomiyets said about this:

– The potential of the Ukrainian army at a very low level. From a moral point of view, all the generals and officers who understand that the government’s actions are criminal, don’t want to fight. Only volunteers from nationalist troops are fighting. In the near future the Armed forces of Ukraine will be rocked by uprisings. Officers do not understand the commands to kill civilians. We will see it sometime in the fall. Everything will change very soon.

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