Disabled Ukraine


June 13, 2015

Aleksey Zhuravko


Translated by Kristina Rus

Any hostilities imply that the number of people with disabilities around the country continues to climb. The people are left with no arms, no legs, blind, deaf…From all over the country comes scary data on the growing number of people with disabilities, and it is not surprising that the authorities are hiding these facts.

For example, 40 disable people arrived from Kharkov, from the war zone of the ATO. The state does not provide the money for their rehabilitation and prosthetics, i.e. they will become unwanted, and their families are left without breadwinners.

Mothers, think about where you send your sons, because, you send them to war as cannon fodder. And who will help you?

I know that today’s cynical and ignorant government will not give you the answers: where to get prosthetics, crutches, wheelchairs, welfare assistance, pensions, as well as where to find a job.

Yesterday I got a call from one of my friends, Boris from Lvov, who was left without a leg and without the right hand. Ripped by shrapnel. He found my number and called me asking for help to find him a wheelchair and crutches: “I beg you, I have no one to turn to, my wife left me, and my brother doesn’t talk to me, you know him, you are friends. By the way, have you talked to my brother?”.

I replied that I called him several times: “I told you not to go to go to this damn war, you will lose everything, your brother told you too. What have you achieved? Your brother is in St. Petersburg, took the whole family, didn’t he tell you?”. “No, we got in a huge fight and had a fall out, he doesn’t even talk to me. All this f$cking politics. I hate Poroshenko and this government.”

I replied: “You should have used your brain. I’ll call Kostya, he will give you the crutches, that’s all I can help you with. If I didn’t know your brother, I wouldn’t help you, because you have to take responsibility for your mistakes. Because of people like you many civilians were killed, many were disabled, especially innocent children. How many of them died because of people like you? You were duped like a sucker – no salary, no job, no visa-free regime, which you so dreamt about. I’m sorry for the harsh response, but you got everything you wanted, became an undesirable cripple. Okay, I was disabled since childhood, but how are you going to live with it? Not only became disabled, but sent how many lives to the other side. If I see your brother, I’ll be sure to say a word for you, but I can’t give you his phone number until he will allow it himself.”

That was the end of our conversation.

I am ready to give more examples and to tell only the truth in order for you to understand what is really going on and how you are deceived. You have no idea how much I want peace, I want our country to develop and live with our neighbors, such as Russia. We are all the same people, and there should be no quarrels between us.

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