DNR Defense Minister Kononov: War crime of killing civilians deserves death penalty


People’s News, June 25, 2015

June 27, 2025

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Major General Vladimir Kononov, defense minister of the Donetsk Republic (DNR), said that the right punishment for the Ukrainian soldiers who have murdered civilians should be the death penalty.

The defense minister said it in an exclusive interview with “People’s News.”

According to him, the Ukrainian military was in denial, as if to say “Oh, no, we’re just probing them at various points along the front.”

Kononov emphasized that Ukrainian forces are firing not just at Novorossiya army units, but on civilian residential areas, “where people simply live.”

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“This has been the Ukrainian Army policy ever since the siege of Slavyansk,” said the major general, “whether they are trying to destroy the entire civilian population, or simply do not know the difference.”

The Donetsk Defense Minister stated that in any case, the murder of civilians by the Ukrainian Armed Forces is a war crime that should be punished by death.

“Anybody firing on the women, the elderly, and the children is worthy of death. Because no one gave them the right to kill innocent civilians, who can not defend themselves,” said Kononov. “Not all categories of people can be considered armed. For example, there are people that produce bread, treat the sick and wounded…” “And the Ukrainian Army is just killing the people that are on their own land.”

The Defense Minister also said that the world community must finally take notice.

Donetsk correspondents of “People’s News” have repeatedly traveled to the places shelled by the Ukrainian army in Donetsk, Lugansk and other settlements of Novorossiya.

The will use the data they have collected (interviews with local residents, photos, videos, as well as fragments of Ukrainian weapons) to establish, with the help of experts, which portion of the Ukrainian armed forces conducted the attacks on any one “target.”

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