Does Obama work for the FSB?

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June 27, 2015

@Dima Piterski. Live Journal

Translated by Kristina Rus

The black one will be the last one?

The controversy surrounding the Confederate flag has crossed all reasonable boundaries. Apple, due to mass refusal to use the Civil war symbols of the South, is blocking the images of the flag on the App Store. It’s hard to blame the company, rather we are talking about mass hysteria in the American society.

There are many symbols which cause negative associations with citizens of certain countries. Moreover, there are attributes, which the majority of people consider the embodiment of evil. Example – the flag of Germany during the Third Reich. However, nobody has thought to completely banish these symbols. They may be prohibited by law, but if they are part of a historical reconstruction, for example in games or film, they are used freely. Otherwise, we will just forget our history.

But the Confederate flag, which was just a banner of one of the armies of the South during the events of the 60-ies of the XIX century, suddenly became a taboo in the worst sense of the word. Two weeks ago in the town of Charleston a man named Dylan Ruth broke into a church and killed 9 people. He admitted that he was motivated by racial hatred. Since February the American published calls for the massacre of black compatriots in social networks.

Then the retailers decided to block the sale of the flag – Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, Sears… It was somehow possible to justify, just as the ban of the symbols of the South, represented at public institutions of some American states.

But today’s news only makes you shake your head. Apple, fearing for its reputation, decided to remove the Confederate flag from the iTunes App Store. Since then, several game developers on historical subjects reported that their content has been blocked and is no longer distributed through the Apple online platform. 

Yesterday Obama supported the decision of the authorities of several states to remove the Confederate flag from state buildings. It is not clear why this is done. The flag did not offend blacks for a century and a half, and now suddenly it is insulting? And the war between the North and the Southern separatists was not for the freedom of blacks, but for the territorial integrity of the United States. The liberation of the blacks, whom the northerners feared, despised and hated even more than the southerners (this is well shown even in the classic ladies novel “Gone With the Wind”) was needed solely to undermine the economy of the South and for the industrial North to receive the disenfranchised and low-paid workforce.

It is clear that the decision to ban the Confederate flag will not calm down the radically-minded blacks, because they hate whites not for the flag, but for skin color. But it will really enrage the residents of the Southern states – at least the northerners used to try not to humiliate the southerners. And now they are trampling on their flag, and even with a black President!

But this is not enough. Yesterday the U.S. Supreme court ruled that every American state must register gay marriages. And the authorities of the 15 states, where this mockery of morality was banned, now do not have the right to reject the official registration. And among the states which used to be against it, is the backbone of the Confederacy – Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Virginia, Missouri, Louisiana, – and Texas. Now the authorities of those states are put in a desperate situation – either to refuse and violate Federal law, or to follow the law, but mock the will of their own citizens and violate the God’s commandments.

Question – what for? Almost on the same day the Southern symbols are trampled and their traditional moral principles insulted. For what? Just stupidity? Or is Obama deliberately fomenting a civil war?

And what about his Russian policy? In order to maximally prevent Putin from reviving the country and strengthening our power, it would have been enough for the Americans to just be friends with us. Praise, present the politicians with various awards, invite to all sorts of useless gatherings like G8, and not throw us out of there. But Obama made a terrific gift for Putin – started to behave aggressively. American advisers, who know well that the cold war was won by flattery and bribery, should have been horrified and explained to the black guy that he is doing an invaluable, incredible service to his geopolitical opponent, helping Russia mobilize. Of the 89 percent of Putin’s approval rating a good 20 percent (with all due respect to the President) was clocked by the US leadership with their demonstratively aggressive actions. Why?

I will not be surprised if in a secret award article, submitted by the FSB for the signature of the Russian President, among other heroes, there is a modest major Obama. It’s a joke, of course. But it can be assumed that a humble Kenyan simply hates the U.S. state and is deliberately working for its destruction. Well, the better for us – we had Yakovlev, Shevardnadze and Gorbachev, they have Obama and some people standing behind him. Nature loves balance.

Vanga’s prophecy: “The black one will be the last one”

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