Ecologist: Berlin may get Ukrainian acid rain from a massive oil depot fire


June 9, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

According to preliminary data several dozen thousand tons of oil was burned near Kiev, costing several hundred million UAH.

The cause of the fire at the oil depot in Vasylkov district in Kiev region – is a lack of necessary inspections. This was stated by the director of the Kiev Ecological and Cultural Center, Vladimir Boreyko.

We have to thank our dear Arseniy Yatsenyuk, for his idea to ban inspections. Now everything started to explode, burn, fall, break and so on. If there were inspections by fire security, this would not have happened,” – said the ecologist.

Speaking about the environmental consequences of the fire, Boreyko said: “A huge amount of formaldehyde, soot was thrown into already dirty atmosphere of the Kiev region. People breathe this. People will get sick, first of all, with cancer and lung diseases”.

“Acid rains can be expected. Moreover, they can come after a month and may shower over Berlin. Ecology has no borders. So we’ll pay back our neighbors, who support us morally, financially, and politically,” – he said.

“Obozrevatel” asked how long will it take for the environmental situation in the region to normalize. “It’s hard to say. It depends on the rains, the wind. Now there are no winds [to take it to Berlin? – KR] – the atmosphere will be polluted for several days,” – said Boreyko.

The ecologist advised the locals “to sit at home with closed windows. At least today. Don’t go out on the streets, especially children, the elderly and those with lung diseases.”

Black skies over Vasilkovo, Ukraine:

KR: Surely, why waste the Western creditors’ money on state services if you can blame all the troubles in Ukraine on sabotage or a terrorist attack?

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