G7 is Just a Show Against Russia: Sleboda and Flores


June 9th, 2015 –

 – Al Etejah TV English – 

Mark Sleboda and Joaquin Flores speak to Al Etejah about the meaning of the G7 meeting, and the attempts to further alienate Russia.   Flores says that there is every reason to believe that the US was behind the orders to the Kiev Junta to escalate the violence.  This was in order to justify what everyone knew already going to happen – a commitment to increase and maintain sanctions against Russia.  

Sleboda points out that the G7 as an institution has no authority and is primarily a talk shop, a spectacle, and he explains that apparent rifts between the US and Europe regarding Ukraine and Russia are an exercise in ‘good cop/bad cop’.   Sleboda makes a number of other well delivered points. 

Regarding Iraq’s presence at the G7, Flores gives a closing comment about the US’s inability to be seen as a force for stability in the region given that it is behind all destabilization efforts

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