German intelligence warns NATO about Ukraine’s pursuit of nuclear weapons

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June 23, 2015

Russian Planet

Translated by Kristina Rus

The German intelligence service expressed concern about the plans of Kiev to resume research on nuclear weapons development

A document of the administration of the German Chancellor addressed to the American General Philip Breedlove, the allied commander-in-chief of NATO in Europe. The agency warned Breedlove about the de facto intention of Kiev to violate the status of a non-nuclear state and in this regard requested to put pressure on the Ukrainian government. Note, the document was signed by the head of the Federal Chancellery, Peter Altmaier.

According to the document, “The German Federal Intelligence Service confirmed your information that Ukraine had resumed nuclear weapons research based on the Soviet Union scientific achievements. Ukraine faces a severe political, social and economic crisis and lacks the capability to efficiently control the flow of data and weapons-grade nuclear substances, which a fraught with a danger of their spreading out to the most troubled regions of the world.”

“Kiev’s de facto intention to become a nuclear state causes deep anxiety. Yet, it could create a heavy leverage over Moscow if it was possible for Kiev to produce a nuclear bomb. Therefore, we believe it is viable to pressure the government of Ukraine into granting German and US special services access to every research facility as a safety precaution. On our part, we are ready to provide you with information on the issue on an on-going basis”, ― stated in the letter.

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