Good-bye, Ukraine?


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“Good-bye, Ukraine”

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Yuriy Lutsenko, a Petro Poroshenko Block Rada deputy, told about the contents of a “message” he received from the US vice-president Joe Biden.

In Lutsenko’s words, the US might weaken its support for Ukraine if the coalition collapses and the country’s leadership fractures. His words were reported by the press secretary to the head of the Petro Poroshenko Block, Larisa Sargan.

“Vice President Biden sent a message: if the unity of the country’s leadership and the Rada coalition is not preserved, that’s it, good bye,” she cited Lutsenko’s words.

J.Hawk’s Comment: The significance of this news is not that Joe Biden sent Lutsenko a message (not even Joe Biden is that stupid), but that the Poroshenko people must clearly be afraid that the coalition will collapse, forcing a new round of elections in the country in which Poroshenko (approval rating 35%) and his party would not do nearly as well. So Poroshenko is reduced to threatening his coalition partners with (likely) imaginary messages from Joe Biden to the effect that if Poroshenko goes, the US support goes with it. The level of intra-elite dissent must be pretty great to roll out the heavy artillery like that.

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