Images of NATO column crossing the Ukrainian border?


June 10, 2015 (News from the front)

Translated by Kristina Rus


Hungarian website “Karpathir” associated with the Hungarian diaspora in Transcarpathia, posted a photo of a military convoy crossing the border. The website writes: “One of our readers sent to the Carpathian journal the photos below. Images were taken at the border crossing Zahon on June 9,  2015 at noon on the Hungarian side. We tried to request information from the border police, but, unfortunately, we have not yet received a reply.” 

The photo clearly shows military vehicles, several trucks, Humvee, petroleum truck. For what purpose and where the convoy was headed is unknown. One version is, similar trucks are used to transport MLRS “Hurricane”, which could be removed and installed on trucks, and the trucks returned back.

Source: VKontakte

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