Joaquin Flores: The Failures of the Enlightenment [video]


June 3rd, 2015

Fort Russ Staff

[Editor’s note – this segment is an original edit from a three part informal talk.  It is not meant to explore every facet, and only presents some information and opinions.  Additionally other parts were removed from the three parts, and so the full meaning is not present.  This edit tends to focus on the failures of the enlightenment project and its contributions to the sciences in terms of empiricism, but the positive contributions of the enlightenment (even in ‘soft sciences like sociology) are not presented in as balanced a way as they were in the original.  In that sense, even the title is somewhat misleading in terms of the actual views of the presenter.   

The holy site mentioned at the end is a reference to Mount Athos, where there are monasteries for a number of the Orthodox churches in the world.  There is a ‘council’ which meets there that has some influence on world Orthodoxy. Serbia normally has one seat, but temporarily and effectively now controls two.  They have taken a neutral position in the present conflict, which somewhat reflects Serbia’s geostrategic positioning.  The ‘conflict’ which Flores refers to in Orthodoxy refers to a disagreement between the Patriarch in Istanbul and the heads of other Orthodox churches.]   

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