Kiev junta continues the genocide of Donbass by cutting off water supply


June 4, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

The Kiev regime carries out systematic genocide of the population of Donbass. Shelling and food blockade was aided by shutting off water supply to the Lugansk Republic. General Director of “Luganskvoda” Sergey Makhurenko reported that the water supply on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic was terminated by order of the so-called head of the (Kiev controlled) Lugansk military-civil administration, Gennady Moskal.

“The Ukrainian side almost completely stopped the supply of water. Aydar pumping station has stopped supply, and so did others” – said Makhurenko at the meeting on the reconstruction of social facilities in Lugansk Republic.

“Yesterday (June 2 – ed.) we had a closed meeting of the military-civil administration of Lugansk region. According to our information, an order was issued not to supply any water here at all,” – said the Director of the company.

According to him, currently there are already several options for the development of replacement sources of water, and the process of their development and budgeting of costs is underway. “We already sent the first proposals to the head  [of the Republic] and the Council of Ministers,” – said Makarenko.

LPR authorities in connection with sharp reduction of water supply to the territory of the Republic are distributing free drinking water to the residents of Lugansk and neighboring settlements. 30-35 Tons of drinking water is transported daily. Also the water is brought to Stakhanov and Bryanka.

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