Kiev junta justice is its own downfall


June 24, 2015

@yurasumy for Antifashist

Translated by Kristina Rus

For criticism of the authorities – article 110 and from 10 to 15 years, for stabbing and attempted murder … walk free. This is equality in our democratic Ukraine. It is called “democratic” not by me, but by the “progressive”, “democratic”, “international” community…

Detainees in the case of a mass fight [initiated by the pro-junta youngsters]  on the student campus in Kharkov were released after investigation, no one has been charged. This was reported by the head of the municipal office of the Interior Ministry of Kharkov, Andrey Krishchenko.

“Investigation was carried out. No charges have been filed. Sentence not elected. They are on the territory of Kharkov, are not going away and are actively cooperating with the investigation,” – said Krishchenko.

According to him, a series of tests are underway, at the end of which charges may be filed for committing a crime. “Now expertise is conducted. It is very challenging, because a lot of biological materials belonging to the criminals have been found. DNA tests are conducted,” – said Krishchenko.

He said that on the fact of a large brawl on the campus several criminal proceedings have been initiated and are being investigated, including 4 proceedings under the article “attempted murder”, as well as proceedings under the article “robbery” (a cell phone and a chain was taken from one of the Ukrainian students) and article “mass hooliganism”.

 If you think I am against it, you are mistaken. I’m all for it. I don’t believe in junta justice, and therefore was forced to abandon my home and leave (temporarily of course). It is because of such actions, that the junta is quickly losing support among the people (already lost) and is preparing its own downfall. In fact, the Nazis themselves, investigators and judges are doing for us all the work, cutting the branch on which they sit – the people’s support. If a year ago many in Ukraine considered the Nazi thugs the hope of the nation and defenders from Russia, now these same people are looking for someone to defended them from this “former hope” and failed “defenders”.

Once again I will repeat. Bravo gentlemen. Keep it up.

P. S. Moreover, Europe is just thrilled about this decision and have already turned away from their former idol Poroshenko. Only the lazy McCain doesn’t repeat that Ukraine is ruled by the Nazis. But he’s old and senile. Therefore, bravo, Nazi gentlemen, keep it up. I believe in you.

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