Kiev Military in the Donbass number 75 Thousand


June 29th, 2015 – 
– Fort Russ – Joaquin Flores – 

The number of Kiev military personnel in the Donbass is a third larger than Poroshenko has recently claimed.

According to Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, the number of Kiev security forces in the conflict zone in the Donbass is 75 thousand people. This was announced today at a briefing in the head LuganskInformTsentre LC.

His comments were in reference to the statement of Poroshenko that the number of security forces in Kiev Donbass has recently been brought to 60 thousand.

Plotnitsky said that Poroshenko, speaking of the number of Ukrainian forces, did not take into account in “volunteer” battalions, made up of both foreign and local mercenaries, as well as political soldiers from far-right organizations under the ‘Pravy Sektor’ umbrella.

The Kiev government has been trying to downplay the role and numbers of the ”volunteer battalions”, as these exist in violation of the Minsk II agreement.  The agreement requires that such battalions disband, with its individuals free to join the regular army under its standard command structures. 

Fighting has generally simmered down from April and May, when Ukraine attempted to go forward with an offensive.  This offensive attempt was made even though the so-called ‘4th Mobilization’ failed its conscription goals by a wide margin.  

While civilian areas were shelled by the Ukrainian government, it failed to push back the Donbass fighting forces from the line of contact, which was reconfirmed by the Minsk II agreement. 

Russia has opened its doors to military aged men in Ukraine, who do not want to fight in the conflict and would otherwise face imprisonment of up to three years for failing to appear. 

Plotnitsky has urged vigilance while at the same time promoting a sense of normalcy in the regular workings and functioning of the Lugansk People’s Republic.  He has also been personally overseeing various necessary public sector functions, such as the delayed payments  for health-care workers as well as needed repairs for roads damaged by the conflict. 

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