Locals scramble to feed Ukrainian rescue workers battling the oil blaze


June 10, 2015

Natalya Surzhik (Facebook)

Translated by Kristina Rus


Comments of a Ukrainian [in Russian]…..

Just got home from the fire at the oil depot, near Kiev. Well, what can I say, it’s Hell! Everything continues to burn. Guys-firefighters are fighting at their top capacity. Good job!

But, can the freaking Ministry of Emergency Situations FEED their people, or is there no money left after flights to Nepal and Tibet??? Why the ordinary locals from the surrounding villages have to collect food by the the crumbs, money for water and milk, cook at home dozens of pounds of buckwheat and pasta, and think about how to feed the people who are battling the fire in the truest sense of the word.

And besides the firefighters there are also medics, working around the clock, police guarding a huge perimeter, policeman directing the traffic… And they, f#ck, strangely, want to EAT!

And please don’t tell me online, that “they have everything”, “they have enough food” and other nonsense.

All the fat riffraff flashed their faces at the camera while it was still light and safely bolted from there. But there are 500 souls left… I stayed there for only 4 hours and I am  coughing like I have tuberculosis at a logging concentration camp, and they are there for 2 days already.

You have to see the eyes of the fireman, whose face is black from soot, falling over from fatigue, whom you have to say, that there is no food left and neither he, nor his comrades, who just came out from Hell have nothing to eat. And the volunteers immediately begin to think who to send where to get hot meals for another 60-80 people.

They couldn’t organize food??? They gave out dry meals. You can eat them yourselves, and let your children eat them with your grandchildren, damn b$tches!

[In Russian and Ukrainian culture dry meals are not considered adequate food in general – KR]

And for some reason I didn’t notice there any representatives of the f#cking BRSM or CLO with trucks with food and drinks. People simply want tea and coffee, and the volunteers are not invincible. If anyone has forgotten, the war is not over and the guys at the front are also in need. [but they were lovingly given weapons to fetch for food by terrorizing the local population – KR]

While the citizens argue “maybe it was a terrorist attack”, or “these are huge losses” and “it is the work of competitors”, the firemen don’t give a f%ck “who is guilty” – they do everything in their power so the fire doesn’t devour the surrounding villages together with their inhabitants.

And I went there not because I’m so compassionate – you can’t help everyone, but because from the epicenter of the fire to the house where my parents live, it’s 6.5 km through the field. It’s always been like that, if a house is on fire, the whole village rushes to put it out, otherwise the entire village will burn down.

How much longer will this orgy last? I have a feeling,  someone will wash in bloody tears…

Eternal memory to the fallen firefighters who took the fire on themselves…

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