Lugansk and Donetsk accuse Kiev of ripping up Minsk II


Novorossia Information Agency

June 28, 2015

Translated by Tom Winter

The Ukrainian authorities have not fulfilled any of their obligations with respect to “special status of autonomy of Donbass”, said the Head of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko.

“Kiev has not fulfilled any of its obligations undertaken in Minsk regarding a ceasefire and regarding Donbass autonomy; Poroshenko’s statements on this subject are just another lie,” the head of state stressed.

“So far as it involves the putting the law on special status, adopted in March, into the constitution, this was supposed to be just the first step to ending the conflict, not the final decision. Poroshenko’s allegations that he has thus fulfilled the commitments made in Minsk, are an failed attempt to cover up a flagrant violation of the agreements. Moreover, none of the alleged changes and legislative initiatives have gone in procedural consistency with our side,” said Zakharchenko.

“The Republic cannot be in accord with this,” said the head of the DNI.

Igor Plotnitzki, head of the Lugansk Republic was even more blunt:

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“The statements of Poroshenko about Ukraine’s so-called implementation of its commitments within the Minsk framework, on granting special status to the Donbas, are brazen lies.”

“What Ukraine is now offering, is fake, switching imitation of settlement for actual dialog.

“We will never agree with these decisions.

“We consider that Ukraine is deliberately ripping up the Minsk process.

“The blame for this falls entirely on Ukraine and its western sponsors. “

Earlier, Poroshenko said that Kiev allegedly fulfilled all its obligations with respect to special status of local autonomy in the Donbas. In addition, the Ukrainian president claims some “representatives of Donbas” took part in development of the Constitutional Amendments Commission 

Another failure of the “Minsk arrangements” will steadily lead to the continuation of the national liberation war in the Donbas. For the civilians, the onus of the failure lies completely on the Ukrainian side.

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