Maryinka: The Day After


June 4, 2015

Maryinka: The Day After

By Gleb Kornilov

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Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Right now Maryinka remains the top hot-spot on the Donbass. Republican Guard and Pyatnashka soldiers showed our volunteers what life’s like on the front line. Seven subunits of the DPR army and special services participated. The UAF was pushed back, we established ourselves on the captured positions. The battle went on for five hours. Once the enemy brought up reserves (the columns from Kurakhovo), the enemy established a very high concentration of fire from tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, then our tanks moved up and after a continuing fight DPR forces withdrew to their initial positions under the cover provided by armored vehicles. We have lost about 40 killed (many more wounded), the enemy suffered over 200 killed (mainly from the Kiev-1 battalion–we saw many dead with its insignia), the information about two Ural trucks full of corpses is true. And that’s just Maryinka, not counting the shelling elsewhere. The morale remains high, in spite of the undecided outcome of the battle and serious own losses, but thanks to eve heavier enemy losses.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Given how the battle unfolded, it would appear neither side was planning to carry out even a local offensive. The battle was most likely the outcome of local commanders’ initiative who saw an opportunity and exploited it. However, given the rapidity with which UAF defenses around Maryinka crumbled, had the NAF wanted to launch a large-scale offensive it would have most likely led to a major victory before the UAF reserves had time to intervene. It’s just that, at this point in time at any rate, Minsk-2 is still the order of the day.

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