More Russian goodies arrive at Umm-Qasr


June 4, 2015

More Russian goodies arrive at Umm-Qasr

By Aleksey Khlopotov

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Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Recently published photos show that on June 2, 2015 a new batch of 3 TOS-1A Solntsepyok [Sun Blaze–a rather ironic name for a flamethrowing system] self-propelled rocket flamethrowers was unloaded in the Iraqi port of Umm-Qasr. The photos show that the delivered battery includes three BM-1 launcher vehicles on T-90 chassis and three new transporter-loader vehicles on KamAZ 8×8 truck chassis. The TOS-1A system previously used tracked TZM-T transporter-loaders. Russia also supplied a KamAZ 6×6 command vehicle.

J.Hawk’s Comment: So this is Russia’s “second front” against ISIS. The first is, of course, Syria which likewise gets support via the Syria Express.

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