Odessa occupied by Ternopol


May 31, 2015

Svetlana Svetlanovna (Facebook) 

Translated by Kristina Rus

 All Odessa – Ternopol region

A message from a resident of the occupied Odessa: “In the morning went to buy some strawberries (I have a farmers market right near the house, loved by the whole neighborhood, because the price-quality is good, and the owners have been the same for several years). Near the market today there was a car parked with a yellow-blue flag

While standing in line, I overheard the conversation of the driver – a round man with a pockmarked face and a potato nose – to someone on a cell phone. A conversation in a strange Ukrainian dialect, but the meaning was clear: “…take care of this one… Yes, Yes, he is from the Ternopol region. And this one is ours too. Do the power of attorney for him. And these ones need a place… and these need help to quickly pass a medical examination…”.

And so on and so forth. Last name – first name – Ternopol region, last name – first name – Ternopol region, last name – first name – Ternopol region, Ternopol region, Ternopol region….. gave out directions about 15 people from the Ternopol region.

Then came my turn. And the saleswoman told me that she is working her last days here.

– Why? – I was surprised.

– Our market was bought out. See that guy sitting in the car? They bought it out. Bought out a lot of markets throughout the city.

Well bought and bought. So work for them then. Who cares who is the owner?

– I don’t care. Only they are firing all of us. Bringing their own – from Ternopol.

– Bringing even the sales people? – I opened my eyes.

– Even the sales people – said the woman – Only their own, only from Ternopol.

You ask what happened with Odessa? Why did Odessans put on the vyshivanki [Ukrainian national clothing – KR]? Why the torchlight marches in the city?

And where did you see Odessans among them? Ternopol region … Ternopol region … Ternopol region … And a strange Ukrainian dialect, which is not even Ukrainian. And a strange Ternopol melody at central train station instead of Odessan “Near the Black sea”.

And soon the entire Odessa will become the Ternopol region…

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