“Odessan Ghosts” blew up the rail connecting Kiev and Odessa port


June 4th, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Timer-Odessa.net: Overnight on June 4th unknown persons blew up the rail under a cargo train, derailing three cars. The cars were empty. 

The rail service has been suspended. There are no casualties.


Odessan partisans from the group “Odessan Ghost” claimed responsibility on the Odessan Ghost Youtube channel:

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“A fighter of the “Ghost” has been safely taken from Ukraine during an operation organised by our command. SBU failed to do anything, despite their efforts, and clips with photos of our comrade, shown on Odessa TV. The command already allowed our fighter to be interviewed by the media. 

In Odessa, partisans continue their work. Around 1 am on June 4th one of our resistance groups committed sabotage near Odessa on the rail connecting Kiev and Odessa port, the main source of Kiev’s tax revenue.  Blew up rails under a cargo train in both directions and paralyzed the train service. Partisans used homemade explosion from igdonite, weighing 9 kilos. Odessan underground have shown their humanity. The explosion was detonated at the tail of the train, which excluded a chance of injury. 

As you see, announcements of the Kiev’s heads of SBU about the destruction of resistance with help of mass arrests have been have shattered by the tenacity of Odessan resistance. The resistance is built in a way that SBU terror is powerless to do any damage.” 

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