One Year Ago Today: the War in Lugansk Began


June 2nd, 2015 – 
– – transposed by Joaquin Flores – 

A year ago, June 2, 2014 … the war began in Lugansk

The mangled body, still alive, of this Lugansk resident one year ago, was essentially a “second Odessa” in terms of its effect on the outlook of the locals.  

The Ukrainian government bombed the centre of Lugansk on this day, one year ago. The city administration office was directly hit by a bomb, killing 8 and injuring 39 civilians. The Nazis in Kiev have thereby recognized LPR independence. According to Ukrainian constitution, air force must not be used on Ukrainian territory against the citizens of Ukraine.

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Rather than a massacre by civilian thugs, the June 2nd attack came by way of an Ukrainian Air Force Su-25, which  showed to Lugansk that war had come. This was similar in effect as the events on May 26th for the residents of Donetsk.

Initially, according to the Ukrainian media, it was caused by an “air conditioning”unit that had blown up. Then the name became a household word. But there are numerous videos which have already established the story, Ukrainian citizens have not been shown anything to the contrary. It was a cynical and senseless attack on … then a peaceful city.

I often listen to the arguments from the other side. I had never discarded them, and try to understand them … and sometimes even agree. But then we are faced with the thrust of reality … and no one is convinced.

It was easy to calculate the consequences. Each deployed NURS (unguided missile systems) and put into operation a few dozen fighters, then the shelling, and the defense put more and more defenders for Donbass. I understand that today I can not convince the readers from the other side about the shelling of Gorlovka and Donetsk (all the time).  But as for June 2, 2014 How can we explain? “Air conditioning”? But it was this which was the cause of the events that followed 10 days later in Lugansk.  For this was the point of no return to normal civilian life.

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