Online hysteria of Kiev junta trolls is a sign of approaching collapse


June 16, 2015

Alexander Rogers for

Translated by Kristina Rus


Junta trolls lately turned nervous, angry. Rude from the start, personal attacks, trying to insult. And in just in a few posts throw a fit with profanities and CAPS LOCKS. And even those that join the comments with incontestable superiority (“Trolling all of you is a walk in the park”), in a few phrases are full of tears and snot.

I think that it is a display of coming awareness of the collapse of the “We-are-European” Ukrainian project. If “Hitler youth” in April 1945 would be granted access to the Internet, then we would see a similar picture – the cries of “betrayal” regarding Hitler’s bunker, accusations of the general staff and the government in working for Stalin and the last bouts of helpless rage regarding the advancing anti-Hitler coalition.

Previously junta trolls used to be smug, sleek, just as SS officers in the beginning of the war. They declared “Now we will join the EU and live as masters”, “Rushka will soon fall”, “We will go to Europe and you will sit in basements”, “Separatists are done”, “The owners will give us a lot of cookies” and other phrases, appropriate for servile dreams of superiority.

Now they try to repeat many of these same collective dogmas, but without the self-confidence and with signs of fear in a voice. Uncertainty and the possibility of retribution for committed crimes are looming before them, making their way through the neurotic cocoon of Euro-illusions.

And some topics provoke them into an outright tantrum – granting of visa-free regime to Vanuatu and not Ukraine, the refusal of Europeans to send their peacekeepers to Ukraine, the unwillingness of NATO to install missile defense systems in Ukraine, and especially painful sign of the owners abandoning their  faithful slaves is the recognition of the punitive battalion “Navoz” [“manure” in Russian, a play on “Azov”] by  the American Congress of “filthy neo-Nazis”.

“How can this be, we so faithfully licked your boots, to become your favorite slaves, and we are thrown back into the sewage!”

I call their state a “premonition of the end.” I tell them to watch a wonderful film about the last days of Hitler – “Bunker”. Steiner will not come. There will be no debt restructuring. Wunderwaffe [wonder weapon] didn’t work out, what comes out are the jokes of the Internet. Follow the führer, slaves!

I feel a real urge to write next to each of their comments: “Nazi hysteria is satisfactory .”

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