Over 500 vehicles confiscated in Kiev for the needs of war, while municipal fleets are the property of oligarchs


June 24, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Ukraine for Ukrainians, says Poroshenko, relying on nationalists (in fact – the Nazis), and appoints… his Georgian buddy to rule the Odessa region. He, in turn, brings in his compatriots. And is outraged by how bad everything is. 

A small fact from the life of the capital, not related to Mishiko. The head of the Kiev city military commissar, Colonel Vladimir Kydon said that “During mobilization, we have the right to confiscate vehicles only from businesses, institutions, organizations on the basis of quotas. In regards to the citizens of Ukraine, in the event of introduction of martial law in the country, the military commissariat shall have the right to stop a vehicle on the street, present a voucher for confiscation, which by the end of the war, will be compensated by the state. We have already seized many vehicles in Kiev, I will not name the number, but it is over 500. This is freight transport. Also seized SUV’s while forming the battalion “Kiev Rus” last May”.

I will not cite the numerous instances of confiscation of cars from the citizens. As I’m not going to mock the SUV’s seized from businesses. Everyone understands thing well on the remains of Ukraine. The said number is more then enough – more than 500 cars seized from private owners who had the stupidity to put them on the balance of businesses.

Back in Odessa, Saakashvili says: “I came and I was informed that my police has 40 armored vehicles. I was delighted! But then it turned out that he [the governor] took them and moved to another place”.

The point is that at the end of March, after Poroshenko’s announcement that he will not allow the heads of regions to have a ”private army”, Governor Palitsa, appointed by Kolomoisky, hastened to transfer his armored KrAZ’s to the regional police directorate… for temporary use. They were immediately put on the balance, given police plates, although on paper the cars were private. On May 1, these vehicles already with plates, participated in the police showcase on the Kulikovo field [at the Trade Union house, the site of Odessa massacre].

When Palitsa was replaced by Saakashvili, he was informed about the 40 armored vehicles, which he immediately wanted to move somewhere. Started to look for them, but the cars were gone – the last Governor took his property.

And all is quiet, the authorities do not twitch, not trying to confiscate the trucks for the needs of the ATO. But the junta continues to confiscate cars from businessmen. Not armored – any cars. After all they can not stand up for themselves like unlike the oligarchs, even the disgraced ones.

KR: The situation with other property in Ukraine, such as real estate or business, is no better. The same approach applies. The coup in 2014 simply replaced the old crooks with the new ones, only even less principled, more desperate and more murderous, which was a natural result of the gradual diluting of law, and binding of business and power over the last 23 years.

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