Polish soccer fans seize UPA flag, “desecrate” it


June 8, 2015

Polish soccer fans seize UPA flag, “desecrate” it

By Sovietskiy Blogpost

Translated from Russian and Polish by J.Hawk

Video transcript:
Our activists captured this rag from banderite Ukrainians in Warsaw, before May 14. This flag is not a Dnepr-Seville match trophy, it was captured two weeks earlier. Therefore I am asking everyone who states that it’s a flag that was captured after the match to correct this information.

To everyone who wants to bring such rags onto Polish soil–this is a flag of those who murdered Poles in 1943. If you want to support Ukraine study its history before making yourself out to be a political expert. Take an interest in the Odessa tragedy–where the Ukrainians murdered over 40 Russians, where they cut a woman in two.

Inform yourself about the incident on the Lvov-Przemysl route. The neo-banderites waving that stinking rag set on fire 20 meters of the road, while making the passengers yell “Glory to Heroes!”.

Maybe the separatists are not all that bad? I am not saying they are perfect, but why are they there? Because of the Odessa tragedy. Maybe the banderites wanted to carry out a second Volhyn-type massacre? They are killing women and children on the Donbass. It’s not true that Russians are the bad guys. You Ukrainians gave up Crimea without firing a single shot, like cowards, while the Poles would go through fire for the sake of Transcarpathia! Me, him, everyone! Everyone who can.

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We donated blood. We gave you aid. And? We get traitors such as Petro Dyachenko–makes you want to spit! He received education in Poland, was an officer in the Polish Army, and? He turned out to be a traitor. He killed our people in Cherniakow and on the Volhyn, the scum, on behalf of UPA, on behalf of the Wehrmacht. F*ck the UPA! I’ll tell you this: you can curse me out for this. I don’t care. I won’t let the banderite Ukrainians to carry such rags on Polish soil. When you come to visit us you have to adapt yourself, behave like a cultured person, learn history. Don’t be scum. Thank you. Glory to Great Poland!

P.S. About Petro Dyachenko

Dyachenko, Pyotr Gavrilovich (1895-1965)–a Polish and Ukrainian military officer, collaborator, UNR Colonel (1920), Polish Army major (1928), UNR Lieutenant-General and Colonel-General (1929, 1961). Born in Berezovaya Luka. Ended high school in Mirgorod, then the cavalry warrant officer school in Orenburg. Participant of WW1, lieutenant in the Russian Imperial Army.

Joined UNR in 1917; commanded the so-called horse regiment of “black zaporozhyans” of the Petlyura army. Continued service after the April 1918 German overthrow in the horse sotnya of the 2nd Zaporozhye Regiment. Served in the Polish Army starting in 1928, ended the Higher Military School (1932-34). After German invasion in 1939 he broke out into Lithuania where he was interned, then transferred to a POW camp in Koenigsberg, but was soon released.

In July 1941 he headed the Polesye Sech HQ under Taras Bulba-Borovets. Then he headed the school training radio operators for UPA attached to Sonderstab Russland. In March 1941 he helped organize the Ukrainian Self-Defense Legion in the Chelmno region (German documents refer to it as the 31st Sicherheitsdienst, or SD, Battalion), then commanded the legion in August 1944.

In February 1945 he commands the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the Ukrainian Liberation Army which is part of the Wehrmacht. From 22 February 1945 he commands the “Free Ukraine” anti-tank brigade, fights against the Red Army near Bautzen (close to Dresden). In April 1945 the brigade was attacked to the Panzerkorps Hermann Goering. Destroyed on may 5, 1945 in the Sudetenland, only a few of its members escaped to the West.

Dyachenko lived in Munich after the war, cooperated with US intelligence, then emigrated to the US. Died in Philadelphia.

At a March 2015 Social-Democratic Party press conference its head Leszek Miller drew attention of its participants to the Rada resolution in support of Dyachenko, who voluntarily served the Nazis during WW2. Dyachenko participated in the suppression of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 and received an Iron cross from Wehrmacht Generalleutnant Wilhelm Schmaltz. On the initiative of Verkhovna Rada Chairman Vladimir Groysman, Dyachenko’s birthday will be officially celebrated.

J.Hawk’s Comment: This is a major and growing irritant in the Polish-Ukrainian relations. I mean, if Polish nationalists can be induced to say nice things about Russians…

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