Poroshenko afraid to share Yanukovych’s fate


June 21, 2015

Poroshenko afraid to share Yanukovych’s fate

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

When he asked to to return the status of president to Viktor Yanukovych, Poroshenko “suddenly became concerned about his own fate,” says Andrey Portnov, a Ukrainian politician.

Poroshenko asked Ukraine’s Constitutional Court to declare the law depriving Viktor Yanukovych of the title of president as unconstitutional, since he is afraid the he will be overthrown in the same manner. Portnov expressed this view on his facebook page.

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The unconstitutional process of depriving Yanukovych of his presidential title created a precedent that could be used against Poroshenko, Portnov adds.
In his words, the very fact that Poroshenko signed that law suggests that the president can be deprived of his title by an ordinary Verkhovna Rada decision in violation of constitutional norms.

“Poroshenko allowed presidents to be deprived of their title in this manner, which means that the Rada could also do it to him, the current president of Ukraine,” Portnov writes.

In his view, Poroshenko “suddenly realized what he had done and grew concerned about his own personal future,” therefore he turned to the Constitutional Court with a plea to restore the status of president to his former colleague.

J.Hawk’s Comment: I guess the obvious question would be, why now? I mean, it was obvious from day 1 that one should “do unto Yanukovych as you’d want others to do unto you,” except that Poroshenko never thought he’d be done unto in this manner. But now, apparently, he is… I wonder, is the Rada’s abrupt nailing of Nalivaychenko somehow related to all that? It’s a little odd for Poroshenko to suddenly grown concerned about whom the Rada can remove, and from which post…

One possibility is that somehow both major surprises (the Nalivaichenko and the Yanukovych ones) are part of the secret negotiations with Russia (which we can safely assume are taking place). Because they suggest Kiev’s willingness to drift away from “cynical Banderism” and toward greater continuity with the “bloody Yanukovych regime.”

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