Poroshenko, it’s time to start bombing Lvov for separatism!


June 6th, 2015

Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky


Translated by Kristina Rus

Yurasumy: In March 2014 a similar event in another city of Ukraine was the first step to the beginning of the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] or the civil war. Galician separatists gathered in Lvov … in fact with the same demands. Where is the ATO? Lyashko, where are your little black men and promises to clean out any separatism in Ukraine? Where is the SBU?

The reason is you did not receive a command from your master. After this, please don’t tell anyone that you are fighting with separatists. You are simply obediently following the master’s orders, and in Ukraine there are two kinds of separatism: “allowed” and “banned”.

A citizen of Ukraine to the President of Ukraine: “Need ten packages of “Grad” for Lvov from UAF”

I, as a citizen of Ukraine, am for equality and justice. Donbass asked for a special status for the region – and as a result for a year it’s been shelled with heavy artillery, killing children in Donetsk and Gorlovka.

For what?

For separatism.

But today in Lvov Galician patriots demanded a special status for Lvov.

“Today, a few hundred protesters gathered near the building of Lvov regional state administration with banners “Special status for Galicia!”, “Poroshenko needs to answer!” “Where Is Europe?” The main demands of protesters – to make Poroshenko  answer before the people of Ukraine for the critical condition of the country. And demands of a special status for Galicia.

According to protesters, a critical situation in the country made them come out [incidentally, you can get arrested for such actions in Odessa or elsewhere – KR]. “Our Galicians stood on the Maidan for a European country, for honest government, for a decent life. And what now? It’s time to look the truth in the eye. The war continues in the East. The cost of utilities, food, clothing, has increased several times. And wages have stayed the same. Show us who lives better, in a new way? That’s why we want to ask the President, where are the promised reforms, where is Europe? Where is the honest government?” 

I want to to remind you, that on February 19, 2014 in Lvov it was decided to secede from Kiev. Stubborn separatists have settled in Lvov, who for a year periodically raise the question of destruction of “Unitedukraine”.

I, as a citizen of Ukraine, am concerned about separatism in Lvov. I appeal to the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.

Peter Alexeevich. turn around the armed forces and the national guard. Truck the MLRS batteries and howitzers to Galicia. It’s time to eradicate separatism in Lvov with fire and iron, as you do it in Donbass. Justice and “Unitedukraine” above all.

Lvov needs the ATO for separatism – and a few dozen packets of Grad rockets on the residential areas, as UAF does in Donbass.

It’s time to save the country, Peter Alekseevich, namely its Western part. As you said Peter Alekseevich? “Their children will sit in basements?”

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