Russia can sacrifice the European values, if necessary


Yevgeny Satanovsky

June 21, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Yevgeny Satanovsky, economist and a president of research center “Middle East Institute,” made a statement at the political talk show “Sunday night with Vladimir Solovyov,”  that Russia will sacrifice the European values together with Europe, if necessary.

During another discussion about sanctions against Russia, a guest brought up the proximity of Russia to Europe, which consistently remains the cradle of law and culture. To this the Russian economist suggested:

“It is impossible to remain in the cradle for life. Our country has already grown up. Strengthening of sanctions by Europe will lead to her losses on the Russian market. And it won’t be our problem”.

Satanovsky’s reaction was provoked by a remark of the representative of the European Union on the importance, in the first place, of consensus, for which the economy could  be sacrificed.

“Thanks to the European consensus our own kind of decision making emerged in this country, under which the ruling elite have rallied quite firmly around the President. No matter if it is good or bad. But if for the sake of our values we will have to sacrifice you with your European values, it will become your problem,” – Satanovsky responded to the representative of the European Union.

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