Russia Can


June 2, 2015

Russia Can

By Aleksandr Rodzhers

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

We’ve been hearing lately from various Western politicians, officials, or simply “talking heads” about how “Russia could take the Baltic States in two days” or “Russia could take Poland in three days.” Let’s start by saying that, from the legal point of view, they are invalid statements. There’s the principle of the presumption of innocence, according to which nobody should be forced to explain themselves and nobody can be declared guilty before his guilt is proven. But that principle is never applied to Russia. Russia (or sometimes the Russian government) is always guilty by implication, without proof, facts, or evidence. Because “Russians are evil”.

And here there are no facts of invasion or preparation for invasion. Only malevolent conclusions about the possibility of invasion. Which lead to the conclusion that Russia has to be “pacified.”
Let me bring up a parallel example. Barack Obama no doubt has kitchen knives at home. And hypothetically he could use them to kill his neighbors or passers-by. Could he? Yes, he could! Therefore he must be isolated from the rest of the society or, even better, he should be targeted for a missile strike, ideally delivered by a drone.

The logic is absolutely identical. Earlier such accusations could only be made in science fiction novels, and even then with the aid of a functioning time machine. But now these accusations are tossed about official NATO officials, European bureaucrats, and the politicians of certain “especially independent” countries which are kept on a short leash by the US. Do they have a time machine? No. But they make accusations anyway.

Well, may God be with them, hysterical people always have issues with logic and cause-effect relationships. Because could someone give me even one reason why Russia should want to take-over, for example, the Baltic States?

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Who needs them? What’s there of value? Its industry is practically destroyed, the Baltic is cold and dirty so recreation opportunities are limited, can’t compare to Crimea or Sochi, Russia even banned sprat imports. The Klaipeda port is dying due to lack of Russian cargoes (because Russia prefers to use its own ports, it’s both cheaper and more patriotic), and it has no other cargo to ship. What else is there? A couple of million hysterical Russophobes with an SS fetish? We wouldn’t want them even if you paid us.

That’s it, nobody needs and wants the impoverished and dying Baltic States. Maybe they want someone to invade them and build flourising industry and infrastructure there, but there are no more fools. Let them emigrate and continue to depopulate, it won’t take that much longer.

The same goes for Poland. To whom is it surrendering for capture? My Polish colleagues sent me an article about the Polish plans to evacuate government officials and military officers in the event of a Russian invasion. But what’s there that’s so useful and valuable that would warrant capturing it? Apples? Russia doesn’t need them, but they are eternally thinking of ways to smuggle them into Russia as Belarusian or Paraguayan apples, the Border Guards are barely coping.

But Putin practically “dreams” of taking Ukraine. He really “needs” the headache associated with 35 additional mouths to feed, half of whom are Russophobes with highly advanced schizophrenia, while the other half are unemployed or retired. Ukraine is eternally losing money, can’t feed itself, has destroyed its own industry, doesn’t want to work, overflows with armed psychos who rob gas stations and take RPG pot-shots at shops–who needs that?

Crimea–well, that’s a different story, it has recreation opportunities and a strategic military location. And, to be honest, never was “Ukrainian”, not even for a day, except in the legalistic sense. The vast majority of its population have always considered themselves Russians and wanted to be part of the Russian Federation.

But as to the remaining Ukraine which has visions of Russian invasions–who needs you? Europe doesn’t need you, that’s already obvious. Putin did not even wait for Yats to finish building his wall and started to build one of his own, to prevent a horde of refugees from flooding into Russia after the inevitable default and collapse of their “beloved” Motherland. Why “beloved”? Because, according to recent surveys, half of all Ukrainians are dreaming to leave Ukraine, and the matter of visa-free travel remains one of the most vital issues to the Maidannned section of the population.

The numerous US invasions of other countries have a definite economic basis. They are there to steal the oil (Iraq), grow drugs (Afghanistan), confiscate multi-billion dollar bank accounts (Libya), and so on. But I can’t see reasons for Russian invasions. I’m sitting and thinking that Russia could capture the above-named countries, maybe even faster than NATO thinks, but why? Don’t we have enough land? We have enough to spare we are struggling to develop what we do have. Natural resources? Enough for many generations to come. I’d like a “brilliant mind” like NATO commander Philip Battylove and Ms. Mushroom Bite [a play on Gribauskaite’s name–“grib” does mean mushroom], but they won’t say anything sensible. So I have to continue in my ignorance…

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