Russia is beginning to break the chains of its vassal constitution


June 12, 2105


Translated by Kristina Rus

A draft amendment to the preamble to the Constitution of the Russian Federation was introduced in State Duma

Deputies Evgeny Fedorov and Anton Romanov propose to adjust “the course of the country in terms of Russia’s relation to the world”

State Duma deputies from “United Russia,” Evgeny Fedorov and Anton Romanov introduced a draft law on amendments to the Federal law “On the procedure of adoption and entry into force of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation”. 

– The Constitution holds for us the highest status, and the preamble carries a primary message, an ideologeme, which stands above the Constitution. May be it is not of a direct nature, but it defines the overall logic of the entire Constitution, entire legislation. Therefore, the adjustment of the preamble is the adjustment of the course of the country, — told “Izvestia” Deputy Fedorov. – Our law allows to change the preamble. This will further help to change the course of the country, because today it is necessary. For example, regarding the relationship of Russia with the world. The preamble has a unique formulation, that the Russian people are part of some greater community.

There are no such provisions, according to the Deputy, in any other constitution of any country in the world. Yevgeny Fedorov earlier proposed to amend the Russian Constitution to delete provisions on the priority of international law over national legislation, as well as a ban on state ideology.

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