Russia Week in Humor for June 6, 2015


June 6, 2015

Russia Week in Humor for June 6, 2015

By J.Hawk

                                  Hard-core Chelyabinsk surfing

                      “Make me look as if I’m not afraid of Putin”

“You, you, and you!”

“What about me?”
“Fine. Shoot him too.”

When freedom died in the US, they built it a monument.

     Ukraine 1985–industrially the most developed Soviet republic
  Ukraine 2015–Deputy Gavrilyuk proposes to fill the state budget using prostitution proceeds

Your face when you are expecting Saakashvili to join you for dinner.

“My precious”

A toy for Obama

“And what should we do when we see the Russians?”
“Run, you fool”

Our liberal media:
“Where’s this? Austria? Amazing!!!
“No, it’s a town of Karasi in Kostroma Region”
“Well, it’s OK…”

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Another gas bill arrives

“That’s a brand new and expensive body armor. When they start shooting at you, take it off! Wouldn’t want to damage it.”

It Kills

Two liberals are talking:
“Shall we get coffee?”
“Not time”
“I’m giving three TV interviews, 4 radio interviews, and 5 journal interviews”

“On what topic?”
“The lack of free speech in Russia.”

“Seriously, boss?”

In all the city yards!
Day Watch–Night Watch

Mom: “He’ll be a doctor”
Dad: “He’ll be a lawyer”
Grandma: “No, he’ll be a teacher”
And I in the meantime: “How to become Putin”

“Stop, bitch, h

                            “Mom, who wrote all these fairy tales?”
                                                    “Here’s who.”
                                     Ukraine’s Ministry of Finance

“Are you waiting for summer?”
“I live in St. Petersburg.”

“You should be jumping for joy, Odessa has a new governor”
“I’d jump, but what’s the use of jumping from the first floor?”

Poroshenko wall–Yatsenyuk Wall–European Wall

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