Russian army will invade Europe, one store at a time


June 13, 2015

Maria Izotova

External Economic Relations

Translated by Kristina Rus

New stores “Army of Russia” will open for shoppers of European capitals. Project manager Vladislav Doroshenko said that the concept is designed for active people who share traditional values.

Clothing stores “Army of Russia” will soon appear in Europe, said Vladislav Doroshenko. Flagship stores, selling clothes and accessories of the brand “Army of Russia” opened in Moscow and St. Petersburg on Russia Day.

According to Doroshenko, the products will be popular with European buyers. The owners of the new brand announced that clothing and shoes will stand out for special quality materials and versatility. In addition to clothing in military style, the stores will offer high quality casual clothing for the whole family.

Another goal of the new brand will be import substitution. Manufacturers plan to abandon some items, purchased abroad, and to establish their own production.

Among the suppliers of the “Army of Russia” – large domestic factories and holdings. Civilian products will undergo the same tests on durability, as military products.

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