Russian manufacturers beg Putin to support the dollar


June 1, 2015

Channel 1 News

Translated by Kristina Rus

Every day executives have to solve hundreds of questions, without which it is impossible to move forward. But they cannot cope with all the difficulties on their own. Although sometimes the circumstances are in their favor, such as the weakening of the ruble. Domestic goods become cheaper than imported ones, they are more in demand, and manufacturers prefer to keep these favorable exchange rates.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, please prop up the dollar, do not let it fall, at least for three years, during this time we will finally settle in domestic and foreign markets”, – asked the General Director of “Kovrov mechanical plant,” Vladimir Lebedev.

“This is all the market sphere. But at the same time you have noticed that as soon as the ruble strengthens, becomes less than 50, it nevertheless gradually rises. We understand everything, but we can not overdo it, because excessive weakening of national currency has its negative components, we all know that. But the real production, especially for that which tries to enter foreign markets, we certainly support. But, no matter how much we support it, still exchange difference is more powerful and works more effectively than the measures of budget support, and we understand this well. Now we have an approximate picture of how the hydrocarbon market will develop. If nothing unusual is going to happen, it will continue to exist roughly in the same price range in the next, I think, a year or two. And in general we are satisfied with that,” – said Vladimir Putin.

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