Russian trespassers raised a St. George flag over the biggest NATO base in the Baltics


June 12, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Elected President of Latvia called the incident in Adagi “a part of hybrid warfare” and an attempt to defame his country and its armed forces, reports Delfi. What’s there to lie about? Disgrace is a disgrace. Regardless of the treatment of Russians. According to Raymond Vejonis (elected President is a former Minister of Defense) , the public should “think less about such incidents because provocateurs may appear to violate the rules”. Of course –  your office was disgraced.

Two citizens of Russia were arrested on June 10 for trespassing on a military base “Adagi”, located near the capital of Latvia and considered the best and the largest military base of NATO in the Baltic states. Moreover, the base now holds major international NATO exercises Saber Strike 2015, reports Public Broadcasting of Latvia, according to the representative of National Armed Forces of Latvia (NBS).

According to the representative of the Latvian organization “The Other Russia”, the national-bolshevik Vladimir Linderman, violators had time to remove the American flag swaying over the NATO base and replace it with the flag in “the [orange and black] colors of the St. George ribbon, symbolizing Victory”. Also, the Russians managed to march on the parade ground up until the building of the base headquarters before they were detained.

The text of the leaflets in possession of the  trespassers was posted on the site of “Other Russia”: 

“In spite of all the agreements, the U.S. and its NATO allies have been steadily increasing their military presence on the borders of Russia. This presence is hypocritically declared “temporary”, but a plan for the establishment of permanent NATO bases in the Baltic States has already been prepared and promoted, and, moreover, there is a serious discussion of the placement in Europe of missiles aimed at Russia’s nuclear shield. We, the citizens of Russia, believe these actions are a direct threat to our country. We demand that American troops get out of the Baltics, and even better — even from Europe. Yankees, go home!” 

The detainees were turned over to law enforcement authorities, who continue to investigate the details of the incident.

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