Russia’s Week in Humor for Week of June 26, 2015


June 26, 2015

Russia Week in Humor for Week of June 26, 2015

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

“Any Maidan without US Embassy support is illegitimate. Avoid imitations.”

“You press here, and NATO is gone. And that’s the flashlight…”

“Senya let’s talk about something beautiful. Did Europe take you in?”
“That’s beautiful!”

  “God vs. Putin:
All powerful: Yes, Yes
All-merciful: Yes, Yes
Holy: Yes, Yes
Can fly a plane: No, Yes
Fights against Chaos: Yes, yes
Loves you: Yes, Yes
Cool shades: No, Yes”

“Happiness is when they hate you but can do nothing about it.”

“I am a native Armenian girl from Yerevan! Nobody wants into the Eurasian Union, everybody wants into EU and NATO.”

“They are toppling monuments…

My monuments, Karl!!!”

“That’s it, Sergey Viktorovich, tomorrow I’m going to Crimea.”
“Did you already ask Poroshenko for permission?”

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