Saakashvili for Odessa Region: criminal past, criminal future


Semyon Uralov

in VoltaireNet, June 15, 2015

June 16, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

So the runaway president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, has been appointed head of Regional State Administration of the Odessa region, and today it was officially revealed to the Odessans. Well. He has replaced Kolomoisky, the henchman and junior partner oligarch of Dnepropetovsk. (At which Kolomoisky reacted with lightning speed, saying, in effect, “Saakashvili is going to surrender Odessa to the Russians, and then we’ll have reconquer it.”)

Indeed, the internal elite conflict between Poroshenko and Kolomoisky, the two richest and most powerful people of the former Ukraine, has its history. But in this case the conflict is irrelevant because Saakashvili’s appointment is aimed at more ambitious goals. And in this context it does not matter “how Peter Alakseevich quarreled with Igor Valerievich.”

The ultimate goal of the Ukrainian crisis, and “project euromaidan” is to draw the Russian Federation into open military conflict. If Russia managed to stay away from direct intervention in the Donbass, and the forces of the DNI and LC were able to stop the Ukrainian aggression, anything like this was just not going to happen around the Black Sea region.

The aim is Transnistria, a Republic of 500,000, which is a narrow strip of land about 200 km long, and has no border with Russia and no access to the sea. More than 200 thousand Russian citizens live there.

The Transdniestria situation is like that in South Ossetia, except that it is completely surrounded and there is no Roki Tunnel. 

The appointment of Saakashvili as governor of the Odessa region, which borders with Transnistria, is a continuation of the plan of the total blockade of the breakaway Moldovan republic. In parallel with Transdniestria there is the issue of the blockade of autonomous Gagauzia, which is also bordered by the Odessa region.

The second group of tasks for Saakashvili are relate to monopolizing economic resources and suppressing dissent, since Odessa has been, and remains, one of the cities not infected by euromaidan. 

And the ports of Odessa region remain a major communication and transport artery of the former Ukraine. Especially in the case of importing weaponry from the United States, and exports of grain, food, fertilizers and metals. 

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In the case of direct intervention, the port would be the entry point for the foreign forces and military contractors.

So it makes sense to spell out a framework of the jobs facing Saakashvili in his post as governor of the Odessa region.


– Block Transnistia completely, start a war against it — and possibly against Gagauzia as well.

Political economy:

– Complete the privatization of ports in the interests of US corporations, elbowing aside the local oligarchs who expected to have a pice of this.

– Ensure the export of grain and food through the ports, which could consequently trigger famine in the south of the former Ukraine.


– Finally cleanse all the disloyals, especially from the media, and the local councils;

– Attract the part of the local elite and bourgeoisie at the expense, with transfer of assets, of the disloyal elite.


– Unite the various thugs from paramilitary associations into an effective organ for repression;

– Weed out those disloyal to the euromaidan regime from the police force.

Saakashvili hates Russia and Putin personally too much for us to expect any surprise decisions from him. For the man who once chose to start a civil war, there are no restraints. Especially since he has no personal, moral, historical or family commitments with Odessa, Bessarabia, Transnistria, and Gagauzia.

The crimes of Saakashvili regarding the Ossetian, Abkhazian and Georgian people, for which he has suffered no punishment, will inevitably lead to new crimes. Saakashvili’s impunity has become an example for the current Ukrainian authorities.

Hence, the main lesson: crime can not go unpunished, otherwise it will be repeated over and over again.

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