Saakashvili guard will defend Odessa from its citizens


June 8, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus


In Odessa, the patriots have invented a new excuse to avoid the ATO – following the example of Kiev, where a kind of territorial defense was already formed. But in simple words, these are maidanites hiding from the front, funded by Klitschko for the money of Kiev residents, so they (the residents) don’t trash the administration. “Security company” of Odessa has a similar purpose. Security guards say they will defend and guard the city.

That is a kind of analogue of local police: it looks like Governor Saakashvili following the example of his predecessor, began to acquire his own military units. Mishiko’s [“Mikhail” in Georgian – KR] fighters took the oath in front of Malinovsky district military enlistment office, which the company will be subordinate to – which means that the “company” is not heading to the ATO, but will fight on the streets of Odessa, where you will not meet the militia or “Altai policemen”. The security force was established on the initiative of the patriotic forces of Odessa and approved by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

It will consist of 121 people (including 2 girls), residents of Odessa region. Note, there are no defenders from the city of Odessa, pointing to the exported origin of the fighters. It includes members of various pro-Ukrainian organizations such as “Odessa Self-defense,” “Euromaidan-Odessa” etc.

The task of the company – protection of strategic facilities of the city and the rule of law. In the event of a threat, the fighters will be armed, for now they will fight the separatists with bare hands.

As reported by the soldiers themselves in social networks, the “Guard Company” – is the only formation of this kind in Ukraine”.

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