Saakashvili’s Expensive Habits


June 6, 2015

Saakashvili’s Expensive Habits
Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Ukrainian TV anchor Aleksandr Dubinskiy met in Kiev the new Odessa Region governor Mikhail Saakashvili, who drank wine together with Rada deputy Mustafa Nayyem. The wine’s price is several times greater than the average monthly salary in Ukraine.

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Dubinskiy wrote on his facebook page: “Yesterday one could observe Mikho Saakashvili, together with Poroshenko deputy Mustafa Nayyem, in a Kiev restaurant where they drank wine which costs 3250 hryvnia per barrel. I wonder how a deputy who earns 5 thousand hryvnia a month can afford such a drink?”

J.Hawk’s Comments: Nayyem, incidentally, happens to be one of the main organizers of the Maidan, an individual for whom no sacrifice of other people’s lives is too great and, apparently, no bottle of wine too expensive, to stand in the way of Ukraine’s (and, especially, his own) “European Dream”. He is the poster child for demonstrating how think the line between hipsterism and fascism is, and not only in Ukraine.

Incidentally, I recently visited Nayyem’s facebook page to see what he had to say about the Kiev LGBT parade mishap, and was not disappointed. He had literally nothing to say except that the government should protect people who engage in legal activities (in other words, the march, though it’s a remarkable circumlocution on his part). No word about the Right Sector. None whatsoever, in fact, I don’t think he’s never even mentioned them once on his facebook page. Denial? Ignorance? Fear? Secret admiration? 

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