Sabotage in Kharkov: 2015 is just like 1942


“Glory to Russia”

Sabotage in Kharkov: 2015 is just like 1942

By mikle1

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

And not only in Kharkov. Newly delivered combat equipment is breaking down shortly after arriving at the front line, even after undergoing a capital overhaul. No level of terror, repression, or oversight is capable of suppressing the invincible combination represented by the people’s hatred towards the occupiers and the incomparable thievery by the occupation administration which is trying to steal enough to buy itself a home or at least an apartment in those europes to which they’ll have to flee soon enough. Even the densest understand that by now, which is why we no longer hear “whoever doesn’t jump is a Moskal.” They’ve had their fill of jumping

[Text from the phot above] “Casualties, part 3. We picked up three brand new BMP-2s from the Zhitomir Repair Facility. They had 300km on their odometers and were accepted by the military. The electrical system on one of them does not work at all, the other is in danger of losing its cylinder head (only one bolt is holding it in place). Good thing we discovered this training, but what if it was combat? I demand blood. I won’t leave it at that!”

On the video above, starting at the 3:30 mark, a 72-year-old Lvovian after 50 grams of vodka is wondering at the Kharkovites. What’s there to wonder about? The people are working to bring the Victory Day closer any way they can. Our victory. Because everything that Poroshenko’s advisor Yurochka Biryukov writes below is wholly predictable. Both the Nazis and the Banderites encountered similar problems in occupied Kharkov in 1941-43. Yes, earth itself is burning under your feet, they hate you and they damage the armored vehicles (and other equipment as well) which is sent to Kharkov for repairs.

You are reduced to grabbing random people on the street and on public transportation to send them to the front. You have no chance. None at all.

My favorite wrecker in the Ukrainian MOD Yurochka Biryukov writes the following:

“There are 3 BTRs at the repair facility of the 3rd battalion. All three have undergone a capital renovation at the Nikolaev Repair Facility. No compression, burned-out electronics, jammed turret. And that’s a BTR straight from the factory, after a capital renovation which costs hundreds-hundreds-hundreds of thousands of hryvnya–YOUR MONEY. But at least the BTRs came with a full complement of saws, shovels, and axes. Cool.

The 25th Brigade lost 2 BMPs in the course of a one day exercise, they left them in the field. The BMPs only just came from a capital renovation at the Zhitomir Armored Vehicle Repair Plant. Cylinder heads not tightened, just barely screwed on. The vehicles covered about 50km and stopped dead in their tracks. That’s a BMP after a capital overhaul that costs hundreds-hundreds-hundreds of thousands of hryvnia–YOUR MONEY. Tatyana Rychkova has a video on facebook, go see.

Can you imagine WHAT it would be like to have these vehicles in combat, where people are shooting at you. And the the vehicle just dies. And then the vehicle gets hit. Soldiers die, someone’s life ends once and for all. Facebook is screaming about reason, but the explanation was simple–“chaos” at the plant.

Ukraine’s MOD orders repairs at Ukroboronprom facilities. MOD pays them big money, in ADVANCE! And then it waits for the equipment. When the equipment is ready, an acceptance commission representative signs the acceptance documents, and the equipment then is in the custody of the Service Support. And then down the chain.

Everyone is part of that chaos, including the generals who have not organized a decent acceptance process but prefer to receive kickbacks from the plants. There are colonels-majors-captains, both active and retired, who receive huge bribes in order to accept the equipment without looking too closely. There are plant directors who spent the last 20 years stealing everything that can be stolen. And there are hundreds of mechanics and technicians who couldn’t give a sh!t that the BMP can malfunction and the guys can die.

There are hundreds of seamsters who sew shoddy uniforms. There are hundreds of cooks who steal food from the army. Should I continue the list? They are all walking amongst us, our friends, acquaintances, relatives. Who don’t give a sh!t about BMPs.”

We’ll get to the bottom of things using our official position. We can easily figure out who was responsible for specific vehicles, who repaired them, and who accepted them. Someone will get fired, maybe someone will even go to jail (although that’s hard to believe).

And then what?

And then we will send the drivers of the vehicles being repaired to the plants. They will assist and observe the repair process, they will be the most feared and strict controllers–after all, it is they who will then sit at the controls.

The idea was approved by the Minister and the General Staff Chief. Orders have been issued, the rusty cogs of the bureaucratic apparatus have moved. Now things will go quickly.”

Just a second here. For starters, nobody is organizing the housing and feeding of these hundreds of controllers. And they won’t be able to effectively oversee the work–they don’t know where to look. So the workers will continue to sabotage the equipment. Tank turrets will jam in battle, engines will die after a 100km, guns will explode after a certain number of shots.

The smart ones understood this a long time ago. The people are not with you, they are against you. Even those Lvovians who are supposedly “with” you, but at the same time they are against the government and Poroshenko and the generals. They are “for” some kind of a myth, but against everything that’s happening in reality. You can’t get them to go to the front lines, and they won’t pay for the war either.

So steal, steal, and steal some more. Time is running out.

“I’m for Russia”

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