Samantha Power in Kiev: “Ukraine – above all!” (interview, video)

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June 18, 2015

TSN (Ukrainian TV channel)

Translated from Ukrainian by Kristina Rus

KR: Samantha Power, US ambassador to the UN, arrived in Kiev for a two day visit. She charmed the audience at her appearance with the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist slogan “Ukraine above all” (above what? – family, neighbors, decency, Russians? Ukraine certainly lives by its slogans), which was modeled after the Third Reich’s “Germany uber alles!”

TSN video transcript:

A graduate of Harvard and Yale, and a Pulitzer  prize winner, Samantha Power is called in the US “a humanitarian hawk of president Obama and a voice of conscience of the USA“. 

Samantha Power: “Ukraine above all! You have not been broken. All who where against you on Maidan had lost. You did not give up after Crimea’s occupation. You have persevered. The will to fight against a foreign aggressor is in your DNA.”

Samantha Power gave an exclusive interview to TSN at the site of Maidan:

S.P.: It’s extremely moving to look at the pictures of the fallen “Heavenly Hundred”, is that how you call them? Thinking about what kind of life they could have had and could take part in changing Ukraine [What about the lives of thousands civilians and children killed in Donbass? – KR]. We must preserve the memory of the fallen. I am amazed that young people came to Maidan full of determination to fight for better Ukraine [What about the young people who rose in Donbass to fight for better Ukraine? – KR].

Q.: Russia continues to support separatists and vetoes all the resolutions about Ukraine. Can the UN call Russia an aggressor and take away it’s power of veto?

S.P.: To see that veto abused, to see the UN charter violated, it is very disturbing. I think what we have done is found ways outside of the UN to demonstrate the Russian aggression, continued sponsoring the OSCE, a human rights organisation, which is documenting what Russia is doing [Is that OSCE’s real task? To ignore what Ukraine is doing?  – KR], it’s army, violations of ceasefire. It would be great if the Security Council would do what it can to provide security in the world. And we can’t allow ourselves to think that Security Council cannot achieve this goal, because such position would be welcomed by Russia. But for now we have to focus on the other tools which we have in order to isolate Russia. 

Q. When will the Security Council adopt a decision about deploying a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine?

S.P. Well, the issue of a peacekeeping force is related to the issue of the Russian veto. If there is a peacekeeping mission it will require Russian approval. I think that it will be a mission, which Putin wants to see here, and I don’t think that a mission that will satisfy Putin [What about Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine? – KR],  will satisfy Ukrainians. 

Q. What do you think about the White House decision not to provide lethal aid to Ukraine?

S.P. As you know we have provided a lot of help – transport, Hummers, radars and so forth. And president Obama is satisfied that such help can prevent military escalation.  We are trying to achieve adherence to Minsk agreements, first of all in a political way to resolve this crisis.  We invest a lot into the Minsk agreements and develop other instruments – economic and political to isolate Putin in order to change his behavior. 

Q.: How are you able to keep your cool while listening to Churkin’s speeches?

S.P. I am Irish. Irish people have an explosive temper. I have to use a lot of effort to discipline myself, to focus on what’s important, and professionally document violations, acts of aggression, equipment which crosses the border, and bring out facts, which speak for themselves. Ukrainians are outraged by what they hear from the Russian ambassador, but I have to assure you that no one believes him in the Security Council. 

– Thank you for your strong pro-Ukrainian position. We would like to give you a part of Ukraine, vyshivnaka. You can put it on while you listen to Churkin!

Churkin’s interview to BBC published in May, 2014:

 KR: In December 2014, Samantha Power shared at her talk with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, that her little son threatens her to run away to Putin in Russia, if she doesn’t succumb to his demands.

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