Severe blockade of Donbass can be expected – Ukrainian MP


June 17, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Warning from Kiev: the most severe blockade awaits Donbass, everyone can leave and go to camps in Ukraine

Ukraine must declare evacuation of everyone from uncontrolled territories and establish a total blockade of DPR and LPR. This was announced on Ukrainian TV channel 112 by the MP from the “Popular front,” Elena Masorina.

“If the situation will escalate, and it is escalating, I can’t exclude that a decision will be made about evacuation. Only under such conditions it will be possible to speak about strengthening the blockade,” – said Masorina.

Meanwhile, the commander of the separate intelligence company of UNSO [Ukrainian National Self-Defense], Oleg Silnitsky, offered to resettle everyone leaving the republics into “two or three summer camps”: “We must announce that everyone who wants to go to the territory of Ukraine, must get together, arrive at a checkpoint… For this to equip two or three of the former Soviet summer camps, make good repairs. To give work to the people who move – let them sew mittens. From that side there will not be more people, than for two or three summer camps”.

KR: Once again, acknowledging the fact that this is a civil war, and not a Russian invasion, since majority of residents of Novorossia want nothing to do with Nazi Ukraine and will not go to your concentration camps to sew mittens, and acknowledging that the Kiev government is an aggressor, using Ukrainian armed forces as an occupation force in Donbass.  

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