Stratfor: Russia will Not Allow a Color Revolution, despite NATO efforts

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June 26th, 2015 – 

Moscow – RIA Novosti 

[Flores, ed: It seems reasonable to think that Russia has extended this position to countries in its periphery which maintain policies that Russia presently favors. We have already seen Russia double-down on Macedonia, and Armenia in the wake of the Kiev coup last year) 

The United States and NATO allies are preparing for a confrontation with Russia, which is likely to last much longer than the presidential term of Vladimir Putin, but the Russian government will develop a strategy to counter the color revolutions in its country and will not allow them, believe experts of the American private intelligence and analysis company Stratfor.

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“Saber-rattling in the style of the Cold War is becoming louder, and it seems that both sides are already considering this as a long-term confrontation,” – said in the article.

In the context of increasing the size of the NATO Response Force in Europe, Russia will develop a strategy to combat color revolutions that swept over the past 10 years in Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. Stratfor analysts believe that this is particularly evident seeing that the Kremlin continues to oppose attempts to anti-government protests, with US support, even in circumstances (such as in Russia) where the head of state has approval ratings of 89%.

Also, the strengthening of attention directed at combating the influence of the US and NATO in the political process in Russia, according to experts, indicates that Russia is not going to remain neutral and leave unanswered the signals from NATO.

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